1.3     ONI Incoming Document User Setup

The ONI Incoming Document User Setup can be accessed from the search engine or the ONI Incoming Document Setup tab, using the button of the same name under Actions.

A minimum of one compartment must be added to the list of users, for which the technical user details recorded in the Online Invoice System must be recorded. In the list, the Default User field must be ticked (only one line can be set).

  •  ATTENTION! To be able to retrieve the invoices issued to the company, the technical user must have the appropriate authorization. When registering in the Online Invoice system, the following authorization must be granted. Query Invoices: Query of invoices via interface.

When querying from the Online Invoice System, the system will look for the User ID entered in Business Central, If the system finds a match between the user and the ONI Incoming Document User Setting, the data will be queried using the data entered there. If no match is found, the data is retrieved using the Default user.