The ONI incoming Incoming Document allows you to retrieve the details of supplier invoices that have been reported to the NAV by the suppliers to the Company's tax account.

Before using this module, please complete the settings detailed in Chapter 1.

1.Settings, parameterization

To use the ONI Incoming Document module, you need to make some basic settings in Business Central.

The system settings listed below are essential for the functionality to work:

  • ONI Incoming Document Setup (main information, authorization, number series, etc.)
  • ONI Incoming Document User Setup (specify the technical user(s) required to communicate with the NAV Online Invoice System)
  • ONI Incoming Document Field Mapping

1.1     ONI Incoming Document Setting - Assisted Setup

Under Assisted Setup, click on Set up Incoming Document to launch the Setup Wizard.

The wizard will guide you through the different settings.

- Set up Online Invoice System technical user

  • Use Test Connection: this field allows you to set the connection to the NAV Online Invoice System in the TEST environment.
  • ONI user detailsdetails of the technical user created in the Online Invoice System
    •  ATTENTION! To be able to query the invoices issued to the company, the technical user must have the appropriate authorization. When registering in the Online Invoice System, the following authorization must be provided. 
  • VAT Registration No.: Tax number of the company
  • Default User: it is necessary to set up a default user in the system, on behalf of which the data will be queried.

If the localization distributed by AppVision Ltd. is available in the system and the data required for Online Invoice Declarations have been set up, the wizard will offer the data available there. This data can of course be overwritten.

- Set up Number series

  • Request Nos.: Specifies the code of the number series that the program uses as an identifier to assign numbers to requests. The request identifier can be found in the ONI Incoming Document entries.
  • Incoming Document Nos.: Defines the code of the numbering range used by the program to assign numbers to ONI Incoming Documents.


Click Finish to complete the settings. These settings can be modified/added later, either by rerunning the wizard or on the pages described in the following chapters.