1. Data Disclosure for inspection by the tax authority

The billing program has function that allows data export in the format specified by the Government. Company and customer addresses can be disassembled according to law. Postcode, City, District, Public Space Name, Public Space Type, House Number, Building, Staircase, Floor, Door to fields. When making sales notes we cannot manually change the buyer’s address but can only select from previously entered addresses.

The unique identifier of the address specified on the document being posted. During data export the data is exported based on the specified ID.

You can set up the use of detailed addresses on the Sales & Receivables Setup page.

If you select the Use Customer Address Detail field on this page we will require the system to use the detailed customer address.

1.1 Sales & Receivables Setup


In this case the Customer Card can provide addresses to the customer by setting the Bill to Address ID field on the Invoicing fast tab. We can assign an address to the customer (default address).


Here you can enter the exact address for the customer. You can set more than one address per Customer, but you can only set one as a Bill to Address on the Customer card. The address can be specified separately. If you enter the name type of public premises, house number etc. the system will automatically merge the Address column as shown in the picture below.


If the address is already on any posted document, it cannot be changed or deleted.

1.2 Data disclosure for inspection by the tax authority report


Start Date: the first day when we would like to receive the information.

End Date: the last day of the period when we would like to receive the information.

Document No Filter: If you want to filet only a few documents you can enter your number here