1. VIES declaration

Within the European Union the system supports the VIES declarations of goods, services, purchases of goods and services within the European Union. 

1.1 VIES settings

Very important that on the Countries/Regions tablet the EU Country/ Regions codes should be set.


Then is the VAT Posting Setup should be set the VIES Purchases and VIES Sales colums.



The last setting you need to make is on the ANYK setup page where you can specify the following.



VIES Form ID (xxA60): Enter the current A60 number in the cell.

VIES Declaration Nos.: The numbering of VIES returns can be defined here it is advisable to create a separate numbering circle of this. 

VIES Declaration Report No.: Select the report you need to complete the appropriate A60 tax return.

VIES Declaration Report Name: The cell displays the name of the selected report.

VIES Decl. Export Report No.: Select the report required for VIES export

VIES Decl. Export Report Name: The cell displays the name of the selected report.

1.2 Creating a VIES Declaration


Pressing the new button will create a new VIES return where you can set up the following:

No.: In this field you can enter your tax return Id from the No. Series.

Reporting Period: You can choose to make monthly or quarterly returns.

Declaration Type: You can create a Standard, Corrective, or Corrective Supplement declaration.

Corrected Tax Return: If you are doing a corrective tax return you will enter the tax return to be corrected.

Name: The name of our company that performed the activities.

Tax number: You can enter the company tax number. 

Type of Commerce: We can specify the types of activities we have done Purchase, Sales, Both

EU Goods/ Services: You can specify whether we have traded: Both, Goods, Services

Document Date: You can set the date of the document.

Period Number: We can specify the month or quarter for which the VIES return will be made.

Year: the year for which we wish to file a return.



If the settings are well done, then you can get the purchases and sales from the system that you have to admin for a certain period of time. You can do this with the Suggest Line Items option. If you click on it the next window will pop up.


If there are any existing rows you can simply delete them by checking the Delete existing rows field. If you press the OK button the lines will be loaded. We can see exactly what and how many transactions our company has done and their amount.



After checking the collected rows if everything is found to be correct. Press Enable button to finalize the log. You can use the Export function to save it in XML format after specifying the appropriate folder location. The file created in this way can loaded into the A60 form filler program (ANYK).