2.1. Incoming Documents by query document date

  1. Open the ONI Incoming Document Entries list. From this page, you can retrieve incoming documents from NAV Online Invoice System by voucher date. This list does not contain all the invoice details, but only an extract. 
  2. In the Date filter, you can enter a Start Date and an End Date. By entering the FromDate, the system automatically populates the ToDate field, adding 35 days to the FromDate (the maximum interval can be queried in the NAV system). You can modify the ToDate to allow for a shorter time interval.

If you enter a larger interval, you will receive an error message when queried.

3. After entering the date range, you can use the Invoice List Import function to scan the invoices issued to the company from the NAV Online Invoice System. 

The result of the query is shown in the list.