1.Set the VAT Date

According to the VAT law the VAT Date is usually the same as the posting date but in many cases they may be different. So, in this section we’ll show you the options that can be associated with the VAT fulfillment date. Note that when you create the VAT report the system will use the VAT Date fields.

When you create a new document of posting item the program automatically fills in the VAT Date field by default the same as the Posting Date. But you can also make changes if you follow the steps in the next section.

1.1 Set the VAT Date

To set the VAT Date you have to go to the General Ledger Setup.


Under the VAT fast tab have the following settings:

  • VAT Date Can Differ From Posting Date
  • Allow VAT Posting From
  • Allow VAT Posting To
  • Allow VAT Date Change in Lines

If the VAT Date other than the Posting Date is selected, you can already enter different Posting and VAT dates.

1.2 Enable VAT Accounting

We can control the VAT posting dates. We can do this from two places. One way is from the User Setup menu.

The second place is the General Ledger Setup page VAT fast tab.