2.3. Adding the Vendor No. to Incoming Documents

When creating an ONI Incoming Document, the system automatically fills in the Vendor No. field if there is a match in the vendor master record based on the Vat Registration No. received.

If there is no match, we can select the vendor manually.

Based on the Vendor No., the name of the vendor stored in the system is also displayed, so that the name received from the Online Invoice System and the name in Business Central can be compared.

The FactBox pane provide access to supplier-related information in the same way as in Business Central.

2.4. Add links, attachments, and notes to Incoming Documents

Attachments, links and notes can be added to the ONI Incoming Document using the FactBox pane, as is familiar in the system.

2.5. Creating a Purchase Invoice or Credit Memo

From an ONI Incoming Document, you can use the Create Purchase Document function to create a Purchase Invoice or a Purchase Credit Memo. The sign of the incoming document determines whether an invoice or a credit memo is created.

The function is available from the ONI Incoming Document card view. To create a purchase document, the header data must contain the Vendor No., otherwise, the system will issue an error message.

If the document was successfully created, you will receive the following message.

Click Yes to open the purchase invoice or purchase credit memo.

The header data of the purchase invoice will be populated with the information received. Related information, e.g. links, is also available.

In the ONI Incoming Document Entries list, after unfiltering, you can see that the document Status has changed to Purch Doc. The status means that a validated document has been created. The list shows the type and number of the filed document awaiting processing. This allows the document to be searched for in the system.

After the purchase document is posted, the item Status in the ONI Incoming Document Entries list changes again to Posted. The status means that the document has been posted and can be found in the posted documents.  The number of the posted document is displayed in the list. This allows the document to be searched for in the system.