Prerequisites for proper data provision (the items listed are explained in the description)

    - VAT Posting Setup and related settings

    - Customer Card setup

    - ONI Setup

For correct data transmission, the valid tax numbers must be entered into the proper fields on the sales documents! The VAT Reg. No. field must contain the Hungarian tax number, the VAT Identification field must contain the tax numbers of non-EU and intra-EU partners, and the Group VAT ID. number field must contain the group tax number!

1.1 VAT Rate Type and VAT Code setup at the VAT Posting Setup

At the VAT Posting setup, for every combination subject to declaration must be set the VAT Rate Type and items outside the scope of the VAT Act and items exempt from VAT must be accompanied by an additional data item, the VAT Rate code. 

The VAT Rates must be filled in the list of VAT Rates (enter VAT Rates in the search field), choosing from the available options those that may occur in the life of the company. In the list of Tax values, a description must be provided for the combinations entered (it is possible to deviate from the example in the attached image). 

The options and combinations defined by the NAV are as follows:

VAT %: field to display the VAT rate for domestic taxable partners. The value of this field must be set to VAT% in all cases where the VAT rate is other than 0 and must be included in the return. E.g. VAT Business Posting Group: BELFÖLD, VAT Product Posting Group: 27.

Out of the VAT Act:  For all repealed transactions, the Out of VAT Act field should be set..  It is mandatory to enter it according to the additional list of VAT Rates.

Free of tax: This value must be set for all Tax free transaction.

Domestic reverse charge: For reverse charge items, the value of this field must be set to Domestic reverse charge. In this case, the VAT Clause code is mandatory!


1.2  VAT Business Posting Groups 

After the above-mentioned settings, you must also select the lines in the VAT Business Posting Group that are subject to Online invoicing by ticking the field Declaration Required.

1.3 Set Customer Card

Customer VAT Status field: 

  • Domestic VAT Subject: Those partners who has local economic activity. Eg.: sole proprietorship, private individual taxpayer, apartment building, association, foundation. In this case the customer has VAT Registration No., it is mandatroy to the economic activity. Before the Posting the BC will check that the VAT Registration No filed is filled corretly.
  • Non-VAT Subject: e.g.: Private person if the customer does not carry out an economic activity. It is important to think here not only of Hungarian private person but also of foreign private person. The data of the customer is not included in the data reporting, and even if a tax number has been entered, it is not taken into account by the system.
  • Other: Community tax payer, Non- Community tax payer, non-taxable organizations

Not a taxable person or a private person: This field should be set when the person is Non- Taxable person or a Private person e.g.: associations not manage economic activities, foundations. This field can only be set if the value of the Customer VAT  Status field is Other. 

1.4 ONI Setup

On the ONI Setup card the Service USL filed should be updated from/V2 to /V3

For the test BC this link should be used:

The Request version also should be changed from 2.0 to 3.0.