1. VAT Identification No

It is a possible to enter a VAT Identification No in connection with the Contact, Customers and Suppliers.


The assigned VAT Identification No. Will appear on the posted documents.

2. Group VAT ID

In the case of group tax, it is possible to record the Group VAT ID number in the system. In the internal relations between the taxable persons specified in the VAT Act the activity ceases as an economic activity. Members of the group won’t longer able to file the VAT return under their own tax number. During the period of group tax liability the members collectively qualify as a taxpayer with a Group VAT ID.


You can provide the Group VAT ID to the customers, vendors or even to the contacts. When you create a Customer or a Vendor using the Create function the Group VAT ID is also copied.

3. Handling VAT Registration No. and VAT Identification No 

We have ability to record VAT Registration No. and VAT Identification No to the Customers, Suppliers and Contact.


The community tax number assigned to your partners will appear on your posted documents. The VAT numbers verification is provided by the system. To validate the VAT numbers just click on the three dots next to the VAT number and displayed on the card.



You can verify the status of the number with press the Verify identification No. than you will receive the status of the number.