1.5. Items

To see and use correct data on EKÁER Documents, one of the most important factors is to set up Item Cards correctly.

With the help of the search function please find Items list.

Open an Item Card by clicking on an Item Number, or choosing Manage/Edit button.

Tariff Number

Please scroll down to Cost&Posting fasttab, and find Tariff No. field. Make sure it contains a value without space. If it’s empty, please enter the relevant Tariff No., or choose from the dropdown list.


From EKÁER point of view, it is necessary to calculate with gross weight. This information can be filled in on the Inventory fasttab of the Item Card, in Gross Weight field. 

(It’s good to know, that gross weight info can be modified on the EKÁER document before sending, if it’s necessary.)

If weight fields on your Item Cards, are not in kilograms, it is a must to set Kilogram Multiplier correctly, as it is described in chapter 1.1.