1.Unapply of foreign currency items

During the posting of Vendor or Customer entries in foreign currency if the applied entries were defined, then the exchange rate difference due to the different exchange rates was recorded automatically. An error message being issued in case you try to unapply these entries. - This problem has been fixed.

2. On the WEB client, the Customer factboxes are displayed empty

In some cases, using the Web Client, the Customer factbox appeared as blank. This issue has been fixed.

3. My notifications field length error

The My Notifications field length has been expanded.

4. General Ledger Settings - Displays the Prepayment Fast Tab

On the General Ledger Setup page the Prepayment Fast Tab is displayed by default.

5. Get Receipt Line function - Display Posting Date and Vendor Order Number fields

On the Get Receipt Lines page we added the Posting Date and Vendor Order Number fields, making it easier to identify delivery notes when posting a Purchase Invoice.

6. Gen. Business Posting Group field to the Physical Inventory Orders 

The Gen. Business Posting Group field has been displayed on the Phy. Inventory Order in order to be able to specify the appropriate transaction Posting group when posting the deficit or surplus.

7. Reverse Payment Reconciliation Journal

A new report was written to cancel the Payment Reconciliation Journal. By running the report, the user can always post the last posted item from the Bank Account items and even the non-canceled item.

The user have to use the search function in Business Central and click to the Reverse Payment Reconciliation Journal

After clicking, the below window will pop up. In the window it is necessary to select the number of the bank that needs to be canceled and the posting date must be specified.

After pressing the OK button, the system lists the items to be canceled.

By pressing the Reverse button, the system performs the opposite posting.

8. Sales Invoice - Calculate the invoice discount

In case the Customer has a multi-level invoice discount and a partial invoicing took place, the system did not apply the amount of the discount calculated in the Sales Order when creating the Sales Invoice, but calculated the discount in relation to the value of the given Sales Invoice. The function has been improved.