This app is designed to help creating and handling EKÁER[1] notifications in Hungary. By using this app, you can create notifications - from existing source documents –, send them to the official EKÁER system of Hungarian Tax Office, this way you are able to apply for an EKÁER number directly from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application. This application is able to store the EKÁER number and its validity interval, and summarizes the most important data (value, gross weight, riskiness) from EKÁER point of view, helping the user to organize and execute tasks regarding shipments more effectively.

The current version of the product is suitable for the first submission, requesting the EKÁER number. Modifications, closures and, if necessary, deletions must still be performed by users on the official EKÁER website.

Before using the application, please make the settings detailed in chapter 1.

1. Settings

 To use the EKÁER module, you need to make some basic settings in Business Central.

These are the following:

  • EKÁER setup (basic parameters, number series)
  • Exchange rate 
  • Tariff numbers, riskiness groups, aggregated descriptions
  • Item parameters (weight, tariff number)
  • Detailed address information

1.1. EKÁER Setup

The easiest way to access EKÁER Setup menu is to use the search function.

Here, you can make the basic setups.

General fasttab

  • Kilogram Multiplier – in Business Central, the weight fields of an Item Card are not tied to a specific unit of measure. This way, companies are free to choose to provide this information in kilograms, grams, or in other unit of measures. For EKÁER, gross weight information is required in kilograms. 

This field provides the conversion options, so please enter the multiplication factor that can be used to covert the value in the gross weight filed to kilograms. 

Eg.: if weight fields are in kilograms, enter ’1’ into Kilogram Multiplier field. If weight fields are in grams, fill the field with ’0,001’ à 2500 g = 2,5 kg (2500*0,001 = 2,5)

  • EKÁER Currency Code

Currently, EKÁER notifications must be prepared in HUF, and the notification value limits must be taken into account in HUF too. Please fill in the field with ’HUF’.

No. Series fasttab

  • EKÁER Document No. Series – here you can set the number series of EKÁER Documents in Business Central. Choose from the dropdown list, or create a new one.
  • Archive EKÁER Doc. No. Series – here you can set the number series of Archive EKÁER Documents in Business Central. Choose from the dropdown list, or create a new one.

Setup fasttab

  • Archiving When Deleting – if you activate the switch, system will create an archive version of the EKÁER document when you delete it.

Technical parameters fasttab

  • XML Version – specifies the version of the structure of the xml message to be sent

Later, this field will be expanded with more options, as official updates are released from time to time.


Specifies the path to the official EKÁER service.

URLs which can be found in official EKÁER documentation are the following:

Test URL:


  • Message No. Series – here you can specify the number series of the message to be sent.

Choose from the dropdown list, or create a new one. Please do not use special characters or hyphen.

[1] EKÁER is an acronym, which means: Electronic Trade and Transport Control System.