2.2. Vehicle Information

In EKÁER notifications, we must always provide the registration number of the vehicle involved in the shipment. During creating the EKÁER document, please try to add this information on the Card. If it’s not provided, later you can add or modify this data only on the official website of EKÁER.
On the Vehicle Information fasttab you have the possibility to enter the info about two vehicles. By clicking into the Vehicle 1 Plate Nr. or Vehicle 2 Plate Nr. fields, you can enter a registration number manually, or if it exists in the Vehicles list, you can choose from the dropdown list.

If the plate number has been selected from the dropdown list, the system will automatically fill in the Vehicle 1 Country Code or Vehicle 2 Country Code fields, with the data taken from the Vehicles table.

In the fields marked Vehicle 1, enter the data of the towing vehicle (first vehicle), while Vehicle 2 marked fields are used for the tow.