According to the Hungarian accounting rules, FA sales and waste amounts have to be booked to different G/L accounts.

The FA Extended Postig Group manage enter different account numbers by item (sales, scrapping, transfer, ect.) for the accounting group to reduce asset changes. The standart derailment function has been added to allow accounting by entering Codes an Maintenance codes.

1. Settings

1.1 Depreciation Book Card

Disposal Calculation Method must be Gross on Depreciation Book card.

1.2 FA Setup

First, the feature must be activated, which can be found with the search function.

If we make use of advance posting groups mandatory, we will always use the advance posting groups settings.

1.3 FA Extended Posting Groups

With the search function, the FA Extended Posting Groups can be found.

The FA Extended Posting Group contains the following fields:

  • FA Posring Group Code
  • FA Posing Type: Disposal/Maintenance
  • Code
  • Book Val. Acc. on Disp (Gain)
  • Book Val. Acc. on Disp (Lost)
  • Maintanence Expense Account