2.8. How to add EKÁER lines manually

In addition to the existing source documents, you also have the possibility to manually record additional lines related to a notification, if necessary.

This may be necessary if:

  • in case of sale, the given product is not on the Sales Shipment document in Business Central for some reason it is accompanied by another document - which is not issued from the ERP - during the delivery: 

For example: manual delivery note, report, etc.

  • or in case of procurement, the given item is not part of the Purchase Order an we will not make the receiving process in Business Central:

For example: sample products etc.

In this case, by clicking on the appropriate Delivery Plan line, select which plan you want to add to.

Click on the last line of the Lines section, and start filling the fields. Click in the Item No. field and select from the dropdown list. The Quantity and Net Value (HUF) fields can be entered manually, while the Gross Weight is filled in with the value taken from the Item Card and converted into kilograms. Of course, you can modify the latter if necessary.

The Unit of Measure is filled in with the Base Unit of Measure for the Item, and can be changed by using the dropdown list, or by entering the desired code manually. The Tariff Number and Riskiness Group information comes from the Item Card.