2.7. Automatic insert of Delivery Plans

In that case, you select the Get Source Doc. Lines function without creating a Delivery Plan in advance, and you insert lines into the EKÁER documents, a Delivery Plan is automatically created.

This function can be useful if the shipment that is the subject of the EKÁER notification takes place between only one loading and one unloading address, so you only need one Delivery Plan.

Only the first Delivery Plan can be inserted this way, if more are needed, it can only be added manually (as you can see in chapter 2.4.).

The process looks like this:

You have an EKÁER document, which has no Delivery Plans.


In the Get EKÁER Source Document Lines window you must select some rows, then click on ‘OK’. 

It is important to select document lines in which the same loading and unloading address can be found. Thus, it is not necessary for them to belong to a certain source document, but addresses have to match.
Otherwise, the application warns the user:

If the correct lines have been selected, both the lines and the Delivery Plan will be inserted in the EKÁER document.
The data of the Delivery Plan is created by the module using the basic address data of the source document.