2.5. Selecting source document lines

Depending on the Trade Type, in case of Sales the selectable source document lines can be Posted Sales Shipment Lines, and in the case of Procurement, Purchase Order Lines.

The selection of source document lines must be linked to a specific Delivery Plan. Thus, in the standard way, the selection of the document lines is preceded by the recording of the Delivery Plan(s). (An exception to this is the option described in Chapter 2.6.)

If several Delivery Plans have been created to the EKÁER notification, it is important to select, which Delivery Plan you want to add the lines to!
This is possible by clicking on the appropriate Delivery Plan row, and then clicking on the Get Source Doc. Lines button in the top menu bar.

The Get EKÁER Source Doc. Lines page opens, where you can see a filtered view of the available source document lines in the system for a certain customer/supplier and for the given loading and unloading address combination determined in the Delivery Plan.

On this page you can see, that the value of the products has been placed in several columns. 

The Net Value and the Net Value Total fields show the value of the item in the currency of source document, while the Net Value (HUF) and Net Value Total (HUF) fields contain the HUF value calculated for the given currency, using the EKÁER exchange rate set in the Currencies table.

The Net Value Total field is the product of Net Value and Quantity. The same is true for te relationship between Net Value Total (HUF) and Net Value (HUf).
For example:

You can select any number of rows, most simply by Ctrl+ clicking, or by selecting three dots next to a given row with the Select More option.

After selecting the lines, the insertion can be done with the help of ‘OK’ button, as a result of which the created lines can be seen at the bottom of the document:

You can switch between the rows for each Delivery Plan by clicking on the Delivery Plan you want to see. You will then see that the Lines view is updated immediately and only shows the EKÁER lines for that certain Delivery Plan.

If you use the Get Source Doc. Lines function again, it is important to know that the lines that have already been inserted for a given EKÁER document, cannot be selected twice, so the list will consist of so fewer items. This rule is valid within a specific EKÁER document.

When creating a new EKÁER document, it is not forbidden to use the same source document lines as another EKÁER document does. This is because for long shipments, we may need to apply for another EKÁER number after the validity period ends. In this case the data content is unchanged, but a new EKÁER number must be requested, for which we need to create a new EKÁER document in Business Central.