2. Creating an EKÁER notification

2.1. Basic Parameters

1. Open the EKÁER Documents list page with the help of search function.

Here you can find your active EKÁER documents/notifications which we are currently working on, and have not yet deleted or archived.

2. Click on ‘New’ to open a new EKÁER Document Card.


3. When you exit the Number field, the next ID of the number series specified in EKÁER Setup, is automatically torn off.

4. Specify the Trade Reason!

You can choose from the options below:

  1. Sale
  2. Procurement

The selected Trade Reason determines the type of selectable source documents later:

  • in the case of Sale type, your source documents can be Posted Sales Shipments, 
  • in the case of Procurement type, your source documents can be Purchase Orders.

5. The Direction of Movement field is optional, because it can be updated automatically based on the Load and Unload address data (Country Code), but you can fill if you want.

6. The EKÁER Number field will be filled later, with the help of the response message, so please leave it blank.

7. The same is true regarding EKÁER Validity Start and EKÁER Validity End fields.

8. Entering the Load Date information is recommended, before sending the notification. Thus, this info will be basically be included in the notification. 

If you leave it blank, and send the notification, later you can fill this info only on the official website of EKÁER.


9. The Arrival Date field is currently only informal, the data will not be sent to NAV’s official system, but it may be useful to store it in Business Central.

10. The value of Status field is New by default. Currently you can change it manually, depending on the process.

11. The Assigned User ID field is optional, its role is to help users to split/allocate EKÁER documents.

12. The number of Archived Versions field changes when you create a new archived version. In this case, you can view the versions or open a card by clicking on the green number.

13. The Intermodal Shipment switch is required if more than one mode of transport is involved in the shipment. It is false by default. To activate it, pull the switch to the right.

14. In case you want the forwarding company to have access to the given EKÁER notification, and to make certain changes to it, it is necessary to activate Carrier Can Modify switch. It is false by default. You can activate it by pulling the switch to the right. This is possible only of the forwarder company has an active registration and user account on the official EKÁER website. If the modification is enabled, fill in Carrier EKÁER ID field, as well as the Carrier Name