3.1. EKÁER Log Entries

After sending an EKÁER request, you can find out about the success and content of the message in Log Entries, which can be accessed the fastest with the help of the Related/Notification Log function.

The log entries were placed in the EKÁER Log Entries list menu, so with the help of the search function you can find them too. Here all the request and response information can be found.

Entries include when the requests sent and the responses received, with a unique identifier for the message.

The code in the Error Code field for response message indicates the success of operation. In case of ‘SUCCESS’ code, the notification can be considered successful, in which case the received EKÁER number is entered automatically in the EKÁER Number field and as mentioned above, the received main data (EKÁER Number, start and end date of validity) are also entered on the EKÁER document card.


3.1.1. EKÁER Error Codes

In order to make the common error codes more understandable, and understandable for less experienced users, we have created a list where you can add the known EKÁER error/response codes as well as a unique explanation.
With the help of the search function please navigate on EKÁER Error Codes list.

To add a new line, select the Edit List button and use the New button or click on the last line of the list to enter the EKÁER error code and the explanation relevant to you.

It is important to be accurate and careful when entering error codes. An error code can only be recognized if it is listed in the EKÁER Error Codes list in the same way as in the response messages. If this condition is met, the description will be displayed in the Error Description column of the EKÁER Log Entries list.