3. How to send an EKÁER notification

If based on the previous chapter (2.), you think that all the necessary data of the EKÁER notification have been provided, there is nothing to left but to send it to the official system of Hungarian Tax Office, - ie. to request an EKÁER number.
This step can be performed using the Send EKÁER request button on the card of the selected EKÁER notification.

Before sending, you may also come across some warning messages that alert you that certain information is missing and/or is recommended.

Suggested information include Plate Nr. and the Loading Date.

Therefore, if the data is correct and the Send EKÁER request function is selected, the application will generate a file with a unique ID and send it to the IRL specified in the EKÁER Setup menu.
If message has been successfully generated and sent to the specified URL, you will receive the following message:

However, this does not in itself mean that the request for the EKÁER number was successful, so let’s take a look at the possible errors.
In case of a successful EKÁER number request, the EKÁER Number filed, as well as the EKÁER Validity Start and EKÁER Validity End fields will be filled in with the data received from the response message.